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Hootstock Lineup for 2017

In completely random order.

The Grid Pickers

The Grid Pickers are a traditionally untraditional husband and wife folk duo from the deep backwoods of rural Canada. Formally charged with grand pickery, their songs of long hard travelled roads and living off the land are making a bold entrance into the Canadian folk scene. Their haunting harmonies and foot-stomping tunes are sure to keep your bread rising and the wood stove crackling.

Shelder the Electric Clamfish

Shelder the Electric Clamfish is a multi-instrumentalist and storyteller hailing from the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, now residing in Halifax. She performs her eclectic-art-folk compositions on accordion and ukulele, drawing inspiration from her travels as a nomadic musician and from historical Canadian legends and folk tales. Shelder has incorporated traditional East-coast music into her own compositions, blending something familiar with something totally new.

Jesaja Class

Jesaja Class is a self taught young Magician & Illusionist from BC Canada. Specializing in stage, illusions and manipulation magic. My act will not only make you laugh, it will leave you speechless with something to remember for the rest of your life. So come on and join in for a truly remarkable and magical experience.

Wax Mannequin

Strange-folk phenomenon Wax Mannequin is well-travelled. He has crossed a wide range of terrain — both sonic and physical — this decade past. Through his catalogue of secretly renowned recordings and his riotous live performances at countless venues and festivals, Wax continues to bring his essential voice and vision to both sides of the Atlantic.

His legend grows through word-of-mouth as his music is passed from hand-to-hand — his influence trickles down from the minds of wayward kindred souls, insidiously seeping into the poetic heart of this country.

CR Avery

" ...riveting & rewarding." -
-Lonesome Highway Magazine ( Ireland)

cue the frenzied combo of molar and spit. his tongue touches every chroma on its way to blue. he’s been rinsing with gravel, flossing with wire and chewing brick again, he’s been a bad, bad boy. but he is crackerjack conjurer of washboards and rubber, even suburb girls welcome the twinging. i want to nibble yesterday’s corona from his chin, rub my index finger along the surface of his laugh, pull the maw open to check the slick road of his throat. there’s something illegal going on down there, the sweet keening of ancient instruments. the orchestra is fidgety, click-hipped, steaming inside that skin. the boy opens the beauteous and, in gut rendering, words become both otherwise and everything.


We are a postive conscious hip hop band from Nanaimo. We have a very entertaining live show consisting of "not your average hip hop" We tend to pride ourselves on converting fans to the genre who don't really like or listen to hip hop due to our unique style of positive lyrics and catchy choruses. Kind of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers feel.

Britt AM

Britt A.M. is a Canadian singer-songwriter hailing from Prince George, British Columbia. A one-woman band to be reckoned with, Britt twists and manipulates the signal of her guitar with loop and effect pedals to create engaging, riff-based songs with barbed hooks and experiential messages.

A road warrior by nature, Britt A.M. has played for audiences in all the major cities between Vancouver and St. John’s, as well as many small towns off the beaten path. No highway is too desolate for Britt, as she continues to win over devotees with her mesmerizing, hard-hitting sound and inclusive, warm presence.

Luscious Vibacious

100% organic, straight off the floor, no overdub! Spontaneous & improvised electronic fun! Luscious Vibacious's brand of Live PA will jump-start your Mojo, get you bumpin', and make you Dance, Dance, Dance!

In With The Old

In with the old provides a fresh new take on old time, folk, and bluegrass music. With a mix of unique originals, age old traditionals, beautiful harmonies, and a twanging banjo, they are sure to get all the hip kids popping and locking.

Tax Free Liquor

Tax free liquor is an  alternative  dance  band,  we play punky / ska / metal / rock dance fun!

Some people say we are the best party band in the Cariboo! We're certainly a lot of fun! We have a unique, fun sound, that will get you rockin' and dancin'!

Mary Matheson Photography

Mary Matheson is a freelance photographer who specializes in events. Her work has been published in numerous magazines, brochures, websites, advertising promotions and catalogs. Mary uses state of the art equipment and software to create high quality images.

Mary's goal is to use her camera to open a world of new connections, new opportunities, and most importantly, new adventures.

Dedicated to those moments where you say "We're going to want to remember this".

Cici & Kazo

Cici & Kazo are a duo springing with lush, honey-dipped vocals and soulful guitar. Their self-titled album is a quilt of love poems and haunting fables stitched together with golden, harmonious thread. Isaac and Adalia met in the centre of mountainous British Columbia and have been creating music together ever since.

The Alkemist

The Alkemist (Jay Myers) is a one man band born from the mystical isles of Haida Gwaii and now rooted in the back country of northern BC. Playing a variety of instruments such as Guitars, Banjo, Fiddle, Kick Drum and a Bone Rattle Boot, The Alkemist weaves dark and enchanting instrumental soundscapes with optimistic gung-ho dance tunes to create an environment perfect for blissing out in the minds eye and/or kickin' up the star dust.

Jay Myers has been playing and writing songs with the Haida Gwaii duo Shadows Cast for the last 3 years and has branched off to write new songs and create a full one-man-band sound with The Alkemist. Since August, 2015 The Alkemist has been playing shows and festivals throughout BC, Alberta and Manitoba and has been recording an album at his farm in Fort Fraser, BC.

OK Vancouver OK

Ok Vancouver Ok is a 3-piece do-it-together, groovesy, lo-fi family-punk, hard working, experimental indie-pop band. They have traversed many sounds since the project's inception in 2005 and are currently performing songs that tend towards rollicking pop rock jams with a strong lyrical focus. Jeff, Laura, and Kristjanne aim to build hope and momentum towards a radical shift in our collective cultures and daily lives through their dynamic and fun live shows. Sing, Dance, Think with us !

Red Monkey Black King

Red Monkey Black King

Between James Still and Ilan Peimer, there's no limit to how far their ambition and skill will transcend musical barriers. Deeply rooted foundations of musical training blend together electrifying blues rock with the young sobriety of indie influences.

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Still Fools

Hailing from Victoria BC, Still Fools are a Canadian rock 'n roll band. Bloozy folkin rawk. Sometimes heavy, sometimes progressive, inspired by the sounds of the 70s and beyond. Some acoustic guitar, some electric slide guitar, some juiced up harmonica, some grungy soulful vocals; five guys groovin to their heavy folky bluesy rocknroll concoctions.

Maxim "Banjoman" Cossette

Western Canadian multi-talented entertainer Maxim Cossette delights you with his fun and engaging glimpses of life. His music will get you snapping your fingers, tapping your toes, and may well swing you out onto the dance floor. As a solo singer-songwriter who has a longstanding love affair with the banjo and slide guitar, his roots and experimental vibrations will transport audience members to magical realms where gentle demons are coaxed out to play among the musical scales.


This folk-roots duo first took the stage together New Year's Eve of 2009, married in 2010 and formed Zonnis in 2013, a celebration of the birth of their son Zander.

With a full commitment to love in every mold imaginable, they regularly tour Western Canada, sometimes dipping into the coastal United States and taking touring, writing and family trips throughout Central America. Anywhere an audience is open-minded and engaged is Zonnis' favourite place to perform.

Some festivals they have enjoyed rocking include Artswells, Arts on the Fly, MoM, Soul Fest and Hootstock. With enough originals to fill an evening and enough beloved cover tunes to fill a lifetime, a Zonnis show is about engaging and entertaining an audience through a musical adventure.


Trinity Forbes, aka FirewoodPoetry, is a warm hearted girl with a sensitive disposition. She lives on Salt Spring Island, BC. Trinity has embraced the downtempo genre label “Lush electronica”. Often compared to artists such as Massive Attack similarly, she performs as a live PA act with music produced entirely by herself. She reaches deep in every song, crying out at the beauty and loneliness felt everyday. Her music stings with high-hats and punches with kicks. She soothes you with vocals and drowns you with synths.

Brandon Kayes

Brandon is a self taught musician/magician that plays a variety of instruments in experimental fashions to strange ends, his songs vary from light and funny to odd and and engaging. Very spectrum spreading. Building layers of sounds in a live fashion, Brandon is as curious to see as he is to be heard.

The Ghettovators

All original high energy progressive rock music from Surrey.

Doug Koyama

Doug Koyama is a singer and performer currently based in the central interior region of British Columbia.

Doug performs Improvised A Capella with a loop pedal, a style popularized by American musician / comedian Reggie Watts. The loop pedal allows the layering of sounds, vocal percussion, and melodic and harmonic phrases. By controlling these elements as well as live vocals he builds songs out of his imagination. Each song is unique and inspiring with just enough room for your imagination to blossom into whimsical and romantic dreamscapes in your mind.

Ghostly Hounds

Montreal-based witch-folk project, Ghostly Hounds, combines strings, horns and powerful vocals to create a dark, jazzy sound. Currently living in Quebec and often on the road, the band's members hail from BC, Boston, Syria and Ontario. Ghostly Hounds formed in the winter of 2015 and quickly developed a strong Canada-wide fan base after several months of touring the country throughout 2016.

Miss White Spider

I am a travelling one woman light and shadow theatre experience designed from Williams Lake British Columbia. I create a collage of visuals, puppets, pertinent music, voice and global myths using an overhead projector, paper, film projector, time lapse paintings, various instruments, loop pedal, synthesizer and my own world beat/folk music scores and dance Creating a magical experience with music, visuals, dance and global myths. This years performance takes us to the Northern Isles of Scotland, into an ancient Orcadian tale of the Selkies.

The Shit Talkers

The Shit Talkers write and perform with an all-original, catchy, lyrical style.

Their songs have a distinctively quick-witted spark employing double entendres that will make you crack a smile. Creating enigmatic anthems and keeping them guessing, “who it’s about”? Tackling more than just local trash, this band also has something to say about the state of the modern world and the human condition.

This all-girl quartet have been recognized around their local Vancouver stomping grounds, sharing the stage with punk notables such as SNFU, DOA, Agent Orange, The Real Mckenzies, CJ Ramone and the Dayglo Abortions

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Hachey the MouthPEACE

Technically, Jason Hachey, is a beatboxer. However, what he does is so much more than just beatboxing. He records, loops, and creates beats as he beatboxes – in essence creating original songs each time he performs. Hachey has spent the last 13 years perfecting his signature sound of the mouth with explosive performances transforming new listeners into life-long fans.

Devil in the Wood Shack

Devil in the Wood Shack

Devil In The Wood Shack, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, is a six-piece indie-folk band with unapologetic honesty, more guts than glory and more intrigue than a well told story. Raw and untamed; a hurricane that hates the rain; a sound straight from hell riding on drunken angel wings.

Dharma Bros

Inspired by the magic that brews at festivals across BC, Doug and Max are on a mission to contribute everything they can to the eclectic community that has embraced them. Their mission is to bring a new kind of emceeing where in addition to the regular emcee duties (talking about the sponsors and the recycling), write and improvise jingles as a novel way to introduce the festival acts they love.

The duo is comprised of Improvisational vocal looper and longtime BC music festival performer Doug “Jaba the hut of Positivity” Koyama and his friend, Max “Banjoman” Cossette, known for writing songs about and performing for the downhill skateboarding community in BC.

The Universe being as it is - Artist Lineup is subject to change without notice. We hope this doesn't occur, but you never know.